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Glanta Rug, Glänta Oktober 310

By Kasthall


  • Description

    The hand woven quality of Glänta is achieved using a thick chenille yarn, where its natural lusture provides warmth and softness underfoot. It is woven in such a way that it reveals the structure of the weft yarn beneath, to give the rug a beautiful irregularity and the impression of light flecks of earth peeking out from within a glade. Glänta is available in four colors reflecting the changing seasons.

  • Technical Info

    Product type: Woven chenille rug in pure wool
    Weft material: 100% wool
    Warp material: 100% linen

    90 x 240 cm
    140 x 200 cm
    170 x 240 cm
    200 x 300 cm

    Total height: approx: 10 mm

    Total weight: approx: 2500 g/m2

    For custom sizes and more details please contact the web team.

    Wear classification: (EN 14215) Class 21 Domestic Moderate

    Luxury rating: (EN 14215) LC 1

    Fire classification: (EN 13501-1) Cfl-s1

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  • Delivery

    4-6 weeks

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