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When Peter J. Lassen developed the Montana System, there was a detailed mathematic and philosophical principle behind it. The mathematic calculations are complex and based on 5.7 cm, but the philosophy is quite simple: Every Montana element should be able to be infinitely combined and be practical, good-looking, durable and independent of changes in fashion. That is the way it has been since 1982, and that is the way it will stay.

Montana Shelving System and the other Montana module systems are designed by Peter J. Lassen. Montana's series of tables and chairs are designed by Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Peter J. Lassen, Joakim Lassen, shldesign and Salto & Sigsgaard. Father-and-son team Peter and Joakim Lassen have designed many of Montana's products - often in collaboration with Montana's design team or with external designers.

Production takes place across 19,000 high-tech m2 in Hårby on Funen in Denmark.

  1. Show Shelving Unit_13

    Show Shelving Unit

  2. Drift Bedside Table 03

    Drift Bedside Table

  3. Flutter Storage Unit 07

    Flutter Storage Unit

  4. Octave 3 TV & Sound 08

    Octave 3 TV & Sound

  5. Loom Book case_03

    Loom Book Case

  6. Keep storage unit08

    Keep storage unit

  7. Dream Bedside Table14

    Dream Bedside Table

  8. Pair Storage Unit03

    Pair Storage Unit

  9. Panton Wire 15

    Panton Wire

    From: £118.00
  10. Rest Bench and Shelving with Plinth06

    Rest Bench and Shelving with Plinth

  11. Panton Table 01

    Panton Table

    From: £572.00
  12. Textile panel for the Free Shelving System

    Textile panel for the Free Shelving System

  13. Free shelving system

    Free shelving system

    From: £451.00
  14. Octave 1 TV & Sound Unit 12

    Octave 1 TV & Sound Unit

  15. Unlock Storage Cabinet 15

    Unlock Storage Cabinet

  16. Look Mirror_05

    Look Mirror

  17. Figure Mirror_09

    Figure Mirror

  18. Hide Shoe Storage Unit_12

    Hide Shoe Storage Unit

  19. Cover Shelving Unit_09

    Cover Shelving Unit

  20. Coat Storage Unit-05

    Coat Storage Unit

  21. Line Storage Unit_12

    Line Storage Unit

  22. Compile Bookcase12

    Compile Bookcase

  23. Aid medicine cabinet_9

    Aid medicine cabinet

  24. Rise storage unit09

    Rise storage unit

  25. Panton Bachelor coffee table

    Panton Bachelor coffee table

  26. Panton Bachelor footstool

    Panton Bachelor footstool

  27. Panton Bachelor chair

    Panton Bachelor chair

  28. Read Book Shelf_18

    Read Book Shelf

  29. Play storage box15

    Play storage box